writers i will be reading in 2016

Last year, I was lucky enough to have found more Indie authors who are really trying to step up their game in terms of pushing the boundaries and bringing out some quality fantasy novels.

T.O. Munro and Will Wight really stand out for me in this regard and are pretty much my two favourite Indie authors right now. Both created fantasy worlds which clearly stand on their own. I have also heard vague rumours that Klay Testamark will have another book out. It's only vague rumours, because he doesn't seem to respond on Twitter or Facebook, so I hope this is true.

Two authors I need to catch up on, will be M.R. Mathias, whose work I was really enjoying but then he exploded with books and I missed my chance to catch up, and also Craig Halloran is someone I haven't read in a while and I keep wanting to get back to find out what happened to Melegal who was one of my alltime favourite fantasy characters. In fact, I named a knife after him.

Finally, I've been seduced back to scifi, largely in thanks to Andrew Hindle, who has been speed-writing a series of stunning delight. Oldschool scifi and newschool dry-wit weird.

Outside of Indie, I'm also looking forward to Andy Remic continuing to wow me with his underrated mix of grit and action. I'm also thrilled for anything Kameron Hurley will throw at me this year as she looks set to plough my face with something brain-melty. Again.

Also, Mark Lawrence has really grabbed me in 2015, so I'll have my peepers peeled for anything he might throw up all over me. He won a Stabby award the other day, which is about the only award I want to win. Just because it's called a Stabby.

All in all, 2016 looks fairly awesome and I look forward to telling you all about these books I read.