a sneak peek at nysta #5: the wall of darkest shadow

I just threw up a sneak peek at Nysta #5: The Wall of Darkest Shadow on my official website. You can click here and read it. I have something of a tradition for releasing the first Introduction chapter prior to release of the book. Mainly because they don't spoil anything, and hopefully give you a taste of the mood.

This one sees the return of the Nameless Mage, a character we've seen mentioned in previous books. Especially the first two.

There's been a few questions as to what I'm doing with my Introduction and Epilogue chapters, but I have to say they will eventually resolve themselves and you'll be satisfied with each and every one. There's nothing in them which is just whim.

Unfortunately, Nysta's journey is a long one, so she'll only find things out little by little. You, dear reader, will need to follow her.

This book serves multiple purposes for me. Firstly, it neatly bookends Nysta leaving the Deadlands and arriving into the Fnordic Lands for her new life. It also heralds the political turmoil the land is experiencing and gives you some idea of the chaotic world she's about to step into. A kind of chaos which will no doubt provide many adventures, depending whether she can survive this current skirmish along the Wall...

It also serves to introduce several other characters who will go on to do great things. Nysta, you have to remember, is an assassin. She's no queen. No leader. Those roles are for others to play.

I hope you enjoy this novel. I hope you feel the warm thrill of confusion, that space cadet glow...


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