happy nysta #5 release day!

Today is the 24th of January! You know what that means!

That's right! It's Release Day! The day when 2016 finally kicks off the Year of the Elf. Which elf? THIS elf!

'The Wall of Darkest Shadow' is finally OUT NOW on Kindle (Free to read if you're into that Kindle Unlimited gig). I can now officially start REALLY gnawing on my fingernails while waiting for the first review. Is it different? Will my readers like it? Are they getting impatient for mysteries? Am I trolling them with more? And where are the trolls, anyway?

All these questions, and more, will no doubt be answered when you read it!

In the meantime, I really want to thank everyone who's been reading me up to this point. Especially those of you on my Facebook Page and my Twitter feed.. I feel really bad right now because I wasn't able to remember who gave me the idea to give Nysta a knife called Unsolicited Advice and have her threaten Chukshene with it. I went through my lists and couldn't specifically find who. I know it's one of three people, but I was too late to specify their name in the book. I might have to do it in the next one. If it's you, let me know! And don't judge me, I'm terrible with names. In any case, I hope you think about joining in the Facebook group and saying Hi. I like that, and it'd be great to get some more activity in there. I'm always up for recommendations and an exchange of interesting internet things.

And memes.

Also, check out my Official Website for more news specific to the series.

Stay a while.

Stay forever . . . muahahahahahahahahaha!


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