a brand new blog for a brand new year

This week, I redesigned my main website, LucasThorn.com. I wanted that site to be more streamlined and to focus on the artwork, which is all done by Amir Zand. His work was too amazing not to bring more focus to.

To keep the page looking less cluttered, I decided to discard Wordpress and instead work with Muse to create a standalone page and bring my blog over to blogger. I'll use Blogger to post my random thoughts and use my domain to promote my work and I'm hoping this will help keep things simple, especially when I want to redesign the site when new books are being released.

So, where to begin? Well, it's 2016. I've been calling this the Year of the Elf, because I'm hoping this will be a good year for me. Frankly, I need it. I quit my job in October (the company I work for was taken over and the process rather depressed me to the point I just hated working there). I tried a few other jobs, but nothing's really feeling very comfortable, so I've had a few months off. While it gave me a chance to write this book without hassle, it's been eating my budget and I can't afford to do it forever!

Fingers-crossed, then, that either this book will help me do well enough I can work on some side-projects, or I'll be back to working a horrible dayjob soon!

I want to write two Nysta books this year. My next one is practically already done (I just need to write it). There's pirates in it. I hope this makes you squee! I am also hoping to tentatively write a book I'd like to try submitting to Angry Robot. Every now and then they open up for opportunities to impress them, and I kind of have a book I've been toying with for some years. If they don't like it, I'll release it on my own. It's a scifi novel which explores a lot of my theories and nuggets of information I've pulled from a lifelong study of conspiracy theories. It won't be a conspiracy novel, but I can promise it will have space nazis in it like you've never dreamed.

What's worse than space nazis alone is I'm trying to base it all on a rather intriguing string of facts which I've found with several rare and (sometimes) debunked theories while also combining some awesome theories on the nature of the universe itself which come from my reading of anything involving scientific research into space travel. I'm pretty delighted by it, and really hope I can get this one done this year if I have the time.

I'm hoping this will be one of those mythical creative breakthrough years for me. I've entered 2016 with positivity and commitment. And a raging literary hard-on.

Be scared.