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stuff writers understand: when you don't know what the fuck you're doing

I'm now in the final days of a two-week holiday break where I was left alone by my wife who travelled to South Korea to visit family.

I've had no distractions.

I am at zen with the world and can sleep in and stay up as late as I want.

My main is levelled in WoW and I usually only game with my wife, so there's no real instinct to game for hours there. Skyrim is uninstalled and too much hassle to reinstall.

I have pizza. I have coke.

And, better than that, I have FIVE book ideas in my head where I have the plot already mapped out:

The Shadow Realm #11: Nysta - The Destroyer of Dragonclaw (this will be fucking AMAZEBALLS! No spoilers!)Rise of the Fel Queen #3: Banshee Bride of the Living Dead (necromancy, spiritualism, and vampires in Queen Victoria's court!)SheWolf: The Demonic Claws of Hell (may end up being Rise of the Fel Queen #4)Jegga: Swamp Witch (title to be confirmed, but this is going to be FUN as fuck)Orsic: Flight from Darkness (Nazi UFOs!)
Amazing shit, and I…

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