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the storms of widgeroo - a chaomage story

This was a short piece done as a companion to my novel, The Zombies of Widgeroo. That book was a loving mix of Lovecraft and a classic road novel written via my Discordian beliefs. Continuing the tone, this story is set hundreds of years after the events of that book.
I believe you’ve already read the files of Abernathy Jones, explorer of the Widgeroo Plains. You would then be fully aware of the belief that, at some time in our history, an army of zombies once knelt there for more than a hundred years. You no doubt have read the legends which speak of a man who summoned in that place the very gods and slew them as they appeared. I wonder, then, were you as curious as I as to what happened to the bodies of these gods who were supposedly slaughtered on the Widgeroo Plains? And what of the fabled zombies themselves who knelt there? I read the reports of many archaeologists and my thirst for knowledge on this subject has been far from slaked. I resolved to go to Widgeroo and see for…

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