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When is the final book in the Dragonclaw Trilogy coming?

Good question, fam. Let me tell you about my year. This year, I'd really hoped to write 6 books. I figured it was doable. However, life happened. In February, management at my workplace changed, and my job role was radically altered from being something quite specific and involving a lot of lateral thinking and effort, to something which was (literally) watching an email box to forward emails to another department. You see, I'd worked hard at this place for a year and a half, to build a certain skillset which gave me a great level of freedom to analyse huge amounts of data, and I'd just begun a project which would have doubled that amount of data. I would have been in a playground of data. I kind of enjoyed the investigative process of finding broken things in data. I was also doing a job which is titled "Reporting Analyst" at most businesses, but was obviously not given that as a title or as a payment package. So, you can see why when management changed

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