special youtube edition sneak peek at nysta #6: sea of revenants

Whenever I'm getting close to finishing a book, I like to share the cover and the Introduction chapter as a way of drumming up some lust for both my body and my book (I'm now officially as hot as Mark Lawrence, you know...).

This time, my friend EdPool had an idea. Essentially, he's celebrating a milestone on his site (his 1000th post) and he wanted to play with YouTube. He is considering reading extracts from books while wearing his infamous spandex Deadpool costume. I say infamous because, well, you have to see it, I guess.

I figured, sure. It's a great way to share my Introduction chapter. I wasn't sure, however, if it was enough or whether he'd get some material out of it, so I gave him both the Introduction AND the formal chapter one, and said go for it.

Fortunately (unfortunately?), he used both. In 3 parts.

So, if you'd like to check out the sneak peeks of the upcoming book, Nysta #6: Sea of Revenants, check out the YouTube videos below as EdPool reads them with his patented version of commentary and editorial criticism...

As always, if you enjoyed these, check out his blog and his own series of scifi (much more intellectual than my pulp offerings), beginning with the first, Eejit. Also check out my Facebook page or Twitter Page where you can get notice of these kinds of things long before I pull my finger out of my lazy ass and blog about them...


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