a look at the satanic brides of dracula - coming soon

The Satanic Brides of Dracula is a book I've had stewing in my brain for quite some time. Stewing there so long it practically burst and was written in under 3 weeks.

When I first started thinking about it, I started with the premise of writing about the classic monsters of horror. Dracula, Frankenstein, the Hunchback of Notre Dame, the Phantom of the Opera, and the Mummy. All the usual suspects.

I wanted to write one book per monster.

Starting, of course, with Dracula.

The thing was, Dracula didn't really motivate me. I thought and thought about it, but the character was pretty much done. He's been a silent slasher, a verbal aristocrat, a melodramatic parody, and a cacophony of actors have played him in a hundred different ways.

What new thing could I bring to the table?

The Brides.

They're sometimes represented, but usually only for a few short scenes because no one wants to take away from the romance of Dracula and his precious Mina by remembering he already has three wives, so why does he need a fourth?

And that got me thinking.

Why does he need a fourth?

Then I thought more about the Brides. Why were they there? What did he want from them?

The Christian element of the legend is usually fairly atheistic, with Van Helsing representing pure science. His use of a crucifix or holy water has as much emotional context to him as a doctor might have now for a syringe. Yet, Dracula's roots were supposedly demonic.

I have a love of the occult, and collect a lot of old occult philosophy, so I really wanted to incorporate that because the Victorian age would have had a lot of Van Helsings. People who dabbled in both science and spiritualism without seeing the clash of both worlds as a paradoxical set of interests. I envision, then, there's a ripe setting in the Victorian age for a meeting of magic and science in a way which has rarely been explored.

So, what's this book about in a plot sense?

The three vampire brides discover Dracula has fled the castle. He's left Jonathan Harker behind and is in an obvious hurry. The Brides realise he's off to visit Harker's fiancee, and know his ultimate purpose. But this doesn't bother them, because their Pact with the devil is to bring Hell back to Earth, and they could always use another pair of hands.

Still, they feel obliged to give chase if for no other reason than to visit places of civilisation so they can hunt for music, sights, and as much blood as they can consume. And they like to consume.

Unfortunately, Van Helsing is aware of them and has sent agents to hunt them down.

And this gives rise to some awkward questions as the Brides are faced with the idea of a vampire hunter chasing them across Europe. What is Dracula really after? Why hasn't Dracula been concentrating on fulfilling the Satanic bargain? And, more importantly, what would happen to the Brides if Dracula proves to be unequal to the task?

With Senka, the youngest vampire, beginning to have dreams of Hell's corrupted power source, the Felstone, things suddenly get complicated and the Brides decide to meet with Dracula's master himself. Satan.

And that's not usually an easy task...

The future for this Dark Fantasy series is bright. It's one of action, horror, violence, and Victorian charm all wrapped up in a nice non-romantic bow. My vampires don't romance their food. They suck it free of all its blood and discard its unwanted shell.

So, buckle up. Join me on an adventure which won't be going the way you might think...

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