the shadow realm - nysta: destroyer of dragonclaw cover reveal

Every time I ask Amir Zand for a cover to my next book, I say to myself; "Well, no way he can beat the last one. That was the apex of his career."

Then he'll spit a piece of fucking awesomeness on my doormat which would make da Vinci sweat, and i don't care how fucking blasphemous that sounds.

Don't believe me?

Check this out to your left. Is this not the most magnificent fantasy book cover you ever saw in your entire life? Look at it.

All I said on this one was: ummm, city's on fire. Can you do something with that?


Look at this.

Just look at it.

Man, I keep looking at it in the way some guys look at pornhub.

As a writer, I draw my inspiration from many places. From the lives of those around me, the media, historical stories, myths and legends, music, and random articles on the internet about Darwinian unfortunates.

But by far one of the biggest inspirations for me has been these covers. Sometimes I see them and I just can't help but scrap some of my work and work the cover into the book a little better. Because it's a part of my world now, and it deserves to be.


Thankyou, Amir, for the incredible enthusiasm you've shown this little world of mine even as your own career rockets to the stars.


Excuse me. I need a moment alone...


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