cover reveal - the shivs: a mouthful of filth (a shadow realm adventure)

Every time Amir gives me a new cover, I'm always a little nervous. His work is so amazing I automatically set extremely high expectations in my head. But then, I look at the previous covers and say to myself: there's no way he can outdo that.

No way he can do better.

And then he gives me a cover.

And I sit there.



Just in awe, because it's always so incredibly good that I feel it genuinely belongs on Pornhub.

Normally, when I ask for a cover from him, I set the most ridiculously useless instructions. "Make me something cool. Put a wall in it. Something. You know. Knife in her hand."

That's it.

I'm the world's most hopeless customer. It sounds like I don't know what I want (this might be true), but on the other hand I'm just looking for his interpretation of something vague. But with this cover, I was specific. Disc platform, stone circle. Filth with his cane sword. Inside a sewer, please. Kthx.

I was so specific that I had to draw a sketchy image. For the record, here's my art:

I went to Art School. True story.

From that pitiful doodle, he came up with another masterpiece.

What I love most is the way the platform, glowing from an eldritch light source, looks like a crown. That's not something I asked for, but it really is appropriate. The occult designs on the surface. The feel of dramatic pause and a general atmosphere of shit is about to go down.


That's what this is.

Amir has been busy this year. He's been pumping out covers like a cover-pumping machine. Each showing his boundless enthusiasm and dedication to quality. It's overwhelming how totally involved he is with the process. And how interactive he gets with it. There's genuine dialogue and it's a positive kind.

If you're looking for something as Amazeballs as this, you should grab him while you can. If you can.

In the meantime, check out his latest article for 3DTotal here.

As for Filth and his Shivs, their story will be coming very soon.

I'll have a date for you this week and some links for Pre-Orders up on my site. I'm looking for a May release, though I know May is traditionally a bit of a slow month.

Still. I hope you're waiting for it anyway and that you're ready to snap up your copy. I also hope to have some further information in the coming months regarding *whispers seductively* paperback editions. More to come on that! Exciting!

As always, if you loved my books, please consider dropping a tip in the jar as you leave the site. To this struggling (genuinely) writer, it means a lot.


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