a holiday in south korea

I have just returned from a few weeks in South Korea. A holiday, thankfully. One which occurs at a point in my life which is signposted for change. My job, it appears, has been off-shored, so I am once again in the position of wondering what to do next. Something similar? Or something completely different?

At my age, it's getting to be a tough question to answer and makes me feel more and more bitter toward those who run these companies I have given my sweat and tears to so they can earn yet more profits on my pain. Thankfully, this bitterness is quickly channeled into a new Nysta story...

While in South Korea, I was able to visit traditional temples, museums, and mountain trails. I explored the cities of Seoul, Daegu, and Busan. I endured glorious blisters on my feet and hot summer weather. It's easy to imagine moving there and one day, I hope I can at least give it a try.

Now I'm back, and I'm looking through my photos. It had taken us 9 years to save for this holiday. We haven't had real holidays in that time, so this was special for us.

For those of you who find it as difficult to travel as we do, please enjoy some photos...


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