spfbo 2017 - trail of the necromancer offered to pornokitsch

Mark Lawrence has once again let his generosity show and unleashed another SPFBO on the fantasy world. You can see the list of accepted books on his blog.

I submitted Revenge of the Elf to the last one, but unfortunately didn't even get a review. The rules of the competition are clear and I can't resubmit it, or off any others in the series. I'm getting around this by offering Trail of the Necromancer, the first in the Fnordic Lands spin-off with Hemlock and Melganaderna.

While not expecting a win due to the nature of my writing being a little bit more than niche, my ego needs a good stroke and I simply hope for a review. Even a bad one. Because any review is a good one, really.

Lucky for me, I've been picked up by Pornokisch. Their site is one of those rare ones on the internet which throws up all kinds of fantasy and scifi news but hasn't resorted to vapid clickbaits. This means I'd hopefully get a nice fair hearing.

Fingers crossed!

You can read more about where Hemlock and Melganaderna fit into the Fnordic Lands collection on my website. Or, you can dive straight into Trail of the Necromancer on Amazon.


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