pre-order nysta #7: assassin of dragonclaw now

i haven't updated in a while, but that doesn't mean i haven't been busy.

my work has, of course, melted my brain and time. but i've still forced myself to struggle through the creation of nysta #7, and you can see it's up for pre-order on amazon now.

this book continues from nysta #6 in that nysta has now arrived in dragonclaw and is working to cement her place in this new city. it's a city of gangs, led by power-hungry thugs. a city where the rich elite use the gangs as  pawns in their own games. and a city where an assassin like nysta might just be rewarded for her skills.

or wind up dead.

i was also working on a new website and it's now up and looking pretty. very pretty, i think. check out amir's amazing art and, if you like it, check out his other work.

he's an amazingly talented artist and if you're looking for someone to do your fantasy or scifi covers, you really should hook up with him. i've found him to be extremely flexible and bursting with ideas. with my own covers, i never tell him what i want. i give him some basic ideas and he just brings me back solid gold genius.

i don't have much else for you right now, but i plan on adding a few more book reviews shortly because i've read one or two things i feel like sharing.

don't forget to hit me up on facebook, too. i'm more commonly found there.