help an indie author eat

Greetings and salutations.

Being an indie author can be a thankless job.

It's tough to get reviews. Tough to make your way onto blogs. Tough to be considered for awards.

But the thing I've loved most so far is the connection with those who've been reading along. Those of you who say hi on Twitter or Facebook, you've often made my day. Every review on Goodreads or Amazon has tickled my ego and motivated me to keep going. I can't thank you enough for that.

As part of an experiment to see if there's any way I can increase my output, I've decided to look at trying to experiment with such places as Patreon. I'm unsure what kinds of things anyone's interested in, though. So, if you've got some ideas of the kinds of rewards you think are worth getting from a writer through such programs, let me know. Please. Hop onto Twitter or Facebook and hit me up.

Another way you can really help show your support is popping by my new website. It's had another upgrade and I've added the first of the maps! This one was done with a World of Warcraft flavour. True to form, the puns and pop-culture will find themselves into the maps...

Also on my website, you'll find some links for you to Tip the Author via PayPal. If you enjoyed the series and would love to buy me a coke, please consider it. These little gems are helpful in many ways. So, consider helping a struggling indie author eat. Show your support any way you can. I promise everything is appreciated.



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