nysta #6: sea of revenants - cover reveal

Rumours of a Cover Release for my next book, Nysta #6: Sea of Revenants are true!

You can get a taste of it in the banner above, and if you'd like to see the amazing superb image in its full frontal glory, visit my Facebook Page and see it there.

It's once again designed by Amir Zand, who makes this look effortless. His blog showcasing more of his art can be found here. I've worked with a couple of artists over the years and I have never had the pleasure of someone so creative and innovative in what they do and how they challenge themselves.

I give very little in the way of outlines to him. For this, he only got a very basic : Ummm, there's a sea in it. And ummm, zombies. And, ummmmmm, islands. Lots of islands. Yeah. Cool.

I'm the world's worst client. And he still comes up with amazing ideas which often work to shape my final edits as I get inspired in turn by the cover.

The new book is also hoping to have a slight Lovecraftian touch, so the cover also helps to sell that, I think. There's an almost classical touch to it as much as a misty mountainous island belched on by Cthulhu feel.

Brilliant stuff.

Now to make the contents match the cover!


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