mad bride of the ripper - cover reveal

When I wrote The Satanic Brides of Dracula, I had originally envisioned it as a once-off. A kind of hat-tip to what I thought Universal Monsters should have done for the genre. That is, look back to the classic movies and more or less pump them full of adrenaline.

I'd hoped for a bit of Peter Cushing as viewed through a Tarantino lens. Hammer Horror on crack.

Instead, we got Tom Cruise.

I shudder.

I started writing my book with Dracula as the main character. But, as I've mentioned before, he kind of bored me and his brides became the focus.

By the end, I had unwittingly created for myself the challenge of writing a new series alongside my Shadow Realm fantasy world.

This is... hard.

But I have always loved the old black and white horror movies. And one thing more than almost any other has always stuck in my mind. Dwight Frye.

The man's portrayal of Renfield is second to none. He was the perfect creepy little victim. His manic laugh and reptilian vocal rhythm has never left my mind. So, when I sat down to write the sequel, I knew I had to include him as a main character.

The second character I always felt to be ignored was Lucy. Poor dejected Lucy. Dracula's second choice. His snack on the side while he drooled over Mina. I had to include her, too. Her story is the most pitiful in almost every portrayal. So pitiful she is often excluded from movie adaptations or, even worse, rolled into Mina.

Lucy Westenra deserves better.

And I decided to give it to her. This, then, is my story for Lucy and Renfield. Two of the Dracula mythos' most pitiful creatures. I gave them something more beautiful. Something more dark. Something delicious.

For me, focusing on these two for the sequel was the perfect way to continue the story of Dracula's brides.

And what more perfect way to continue than with one of Lente Scura's amazing pieces of art? If you haven't checked out her work before, you should definitely go to her Artstation page. Her work is surreal. Gentle. Yet, oozes a sense of morbid horror like no other artist I've found. I can think of no one else I'd rather have had to do this cover. As soon as I saw this image, I knew it was perfect.

Utterly perfect.

Light, madness, and surrendering to darkness. These are the central themes to my next book.

And one look at that image and you know Lente delivered this in spades.

If you haven't read the first in the series, please give it a try. Even if vampire stories are not your bag and you're here mostly for my fantasy, I think you'll enjoy it. There's no sparkling. No love triangles. No pining after lovers from the safety of the shadows. No teenagers going to school with old men in teenage vampire skins.

There's no Buffy here.

There is only blood. Death. And madness.

As it should be.

Mad Bride of the Ripper
Coming January 2018


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