nysta #6 sea of revenants - release date: september 4th

I apologise for some lengthy lacking of updates, but I recently suffered some chronic computer crashes and formats/reformats and the like. You know the drill, and I won't ruin it all by giving you my Microsoft rant.

Happily, though, my book was kept alive and has been edited to my satisfaction and a release date was offered. September 4th.

Why September 4th?

Because Lovecraft. On September 4, 1925, his story The Temple was published. This seemed too convenient a date to pass up.

Despite the problematic opinions of race and culture in Lovecraftian universes, and perhaps because of it, I wanted to write a book with a bit of a Lovecraftian influence. While not an overtly horror-theme, it's got the whole sea-god thing going and I hope that while it's not a Lovecraftian novel, its influences shine for you. As does the way I've tried to undermine the racial prejudices Lovecraft obviously held.

But Lovecraft isn't the only influence in this book. I was deeply moved by Zatoichi in Desperation, which is a great film. I have always loved Zatoichi, and I couldn't bring myself to write this entire series without making oblique references to him at least a hundred zillion times...

In other news, I've also updated my website. Check it out at LucasThorn.com and tell me what you think! Thanks to that go to Amir Zand for the awesome art and James Cardell-Oliver for the music. That piece just seemed made for my site, and when I heard it, I knew I wanted to use it.

Also, I am currently submitted in Mark Lawrence's SPFBO2, which is in progress. I am lucky number 97 and am looking forward to being shredded by one of Fantasy's most ruthless review sites, Elitest Book Reviews. I took a bit of a risk submitting to this list, especially given the rather out-of-the-box style of fantasy I've chosen to write, but I hope it at least helps some readers find me who would have otherwise missed me. I'm also hoping not to hurt too much when Elitest tear me a new one. I have my balm ready...

Finally, if you haven't pre-ordered or it's after September 4th when you read this, please check out my book on Amazon and get it if you can!